Setup: Mobile Device

Installing Handheld Contact on a smartphone or tablet

  1. Access the end-user's smartphone or tablet.

    For up-to-date requirements and compatibility, see Handheld Contact Requirements.

  2. Open the mobile device's native Internet browser.

    The native Internet browser is pre-installed on the mobile device. Do not use a third-party Internet browser.

  3. Visit the url:

    The mobile device will be detected and you will be forwarded to your platform's app store or a dedicated Handheld Contact download page. If you are not seeing a download option, please contact the Handheld Contact Support Team.

  4. Download the Handheld Contact mobile app for the mobile device.
  5. On the mobile device, run the Handheld Contact mobile app.
  6. The first time Handheld Contact runs, you will be prompted to sign in with a Handheld Contact account username (e-mail) and password.

    The Handheld Contact account you sign in with in this step is the one used during computer setup.

  7. Setup on the end-user's mobile device is now complete and the user is ready to take Act! mobile with Handheld Contact!